How To Start A Blog  And Make Money Online

I was able to start my blog in approximately 12 minutes.

Long term dream comes true. At last, I was able to achieve this goal by following this guide's instruction one step at a time. I advise you so same. Everything is broken down into short simple to understand sections. Did I mention that their help and support team was awesome? 

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My Reason For Making This Guide:

I created this guide to help beginners by guiding them through a strategic system to starting a blog without having to learn web programming language like HTML and CSS as these are both time consuming. Am guessing you didn't want to learn programming or did you?

I also want to help you avoid mistakes that early bloggers make when starting up the first time.

Attention: In case you run into any difficulty along the line of following this tutorial, contact me through the help and support section.


I dedicate this report to all serious bloggers who will take action.

About The Author

Hello and welcome. My name is Chinedu.

At the time of writing this post, I love nothing more than playing around on my computer, working from home and making money from online projects.

I set them up and they generate passive income.

Am writing this guide on my Pjs and singlets. Maybe I shouldn't be telling you that part, but that's the power of working from home. No suits, no ties, no 9 – 5 jobs. FREEDOM!

You can make money from your blog. Am going to show you how to start if you choose to, or you can blog just for fun. Some people just want where to write their thoughts.

There are many reasons of starting a blog. Each person has unique needs.

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Why Am I The Right Guy To Teach You?

That's a smart question to ask considering the rate of junk on the internet now. If you like the website you are looking at right now, then maybe you should listen to me 'cos I made it.

I have been blogging since the year 2006.

I have gone through all that you are going through right now. That's why I am writing you this report to make your online marketing journey easier than mine was.

Right now, I am going to show you on this guide, how to set-up a professional looking blog that can make you money.

Because I know you are busy and need to start blogging away, am going to make this report short and straight to the point.

Getting Started – Choosing The Blogging Platform That Best Suits Your Need.

In this section, we are going to discuss about blogging platforms and which one you should use.

blogging platforms

Now you are ready to start a blog, there are a few things you need to put into consideration. You blog is your vehicle to get to people/readers/potential clients etc.

Now, considering how important that is, you should put in a little effort into brainstorming and coming up with a good name for your blog.

Don't be scared of making mistakes. We all probably make this mistake the first time in choosing a name for our blog.

The good news is that this can be corrected at any time. That's the flexibility and simplicity of what am going to be teaching you today.

For example, My website goes by the name "Entrepreneur Den" and it's a platform suitable for entrepreneurs and people who want to be their own bosses.

Coming up with something that simple shouldn't take much of your time.

Now it's you turn.

Now you've come up with a name and slogan for you blog, you need to choose your blogging platform.

There are lots of blogging platform to choose from, some of them you know already, some you would get to know after reading this guide.

Pie chart WordPress global usage

Study the pie chart above to see for yourself what the major blogs and websites around the world are using.

A lot of major known brands around the world like CNN, BBC, NASA, Sony and almost all university blogs are running on WordPress.

Even this blog you are reading now is powered by WordPress.

Anyways, considering that over 72 million websites around the world is powered by WordPress. I doubt if you are still thinking of who is in-charge here.

While other blogging platforms are OK, I do not use them.

I like to have power to control and alter my website. The power to create something new entirely from the usual.

Nothing in my opinion comes close to matching the freedom and customization WordPress gives. You can customize your WordPress web blog with the use of plug-ins. You can install custom themes to change the look and feel of your website.

Free Blog vs Premium Hosted Blog.

Why You Should Never Use A Free Blogging Platform

I don't think I have to write much on this section.

One things I learnt as a kid is that it's always better to own your own things.

Trust me, you don't want to be dealing with Google or Type-pad and other free blogging platforms. They have rules in their user policy that might obstruct your business in the future. Remember we are growing a business here.

Come to think of it, no famous successful blogger uses something like a free blogger account?

The fact that I don't control my content. That the company behind the blogging platform can shut-down any time for no just reason and all my time invested in creating content fizzles away sends the chills down my spine. Here is an example of when such tragedy struck.

Moreover, the fact that my web address will be a sub-domain (something like instead of what it is now ( is tiring. I want something short and that remains in people's mind even long after they have left my blog. I should also mention here that most of these free blogging platforms have strict rules to advertisement making the act of “making money online” more difficult.

If you don't mind all these things I've listed above, its Ok to start with a free blog. At least to test the waters. Remember, the goal now won't be to grow a successful web blog.

But if you plan on being a serious blogger who wants to grow big business and blog online, then you need a self hosted WordPress blog. That's my recommendation.

Setting Up Your Blog

Getting A Domain Name

Namecheap logo

Note: If you don't already have a web hosting account to host your website files, please read-on and don't bother getting a domain name now. You will get it for free soon. 

If you already own a web hosting account with a hos​ting company, you need to visit the link below to register a fresh domain for your blog.

Go to for your domains. That is the company I use for registering my domains.


Just have the name you want to use for your blog ready.

You will get my recommended web hosting service later on in this guide. They will be giving you lifetime of free domain registration on sign-up. (see why I asked you to wait?).

At least that would save you ($12 x no. of years you plan on running you WordPress website)  and it would save you some troubles later on as you would see in this guide.

Now that you have a domain name and you are ready to continue building out your blog. You need to point your domain to your web server.

Note: This won't concern people that are going to use my recommended hosting.

Remember the free domain? The one the web hosting company will be giving to you?

It's going to come already connected with the hosting. Technically, this is what we call pointing the DNS to your domain.

Makes more sense now huh?

*** For those that already have hosting and won't be buying from the company I recommend, you should see the video below to learn how to point your domain name to your hosting DNS.

Hosting Your Blog

This is a very important part of your blog creation. You need to use a premium web hosting platform. It's gonna cost you anything between $2 - $7 a month. If you're anything like me, that's less than what you spend on trivial things almost every day.

Having been online so many years now, I have been playing around with a lot of hosting providers.

I do not want to start listing all the web hosting companies I have tried here, but trust me on this one. I've seen most of them.

A lot of them out there are not worth the trust. I see hosting my website with your company as a big deal.

That's my business am trusting you with. So if I must do that, you have to meet certain requirement in my standard.

Where Should I Get Web Hosting + My Free Domain For Life

The company that I've have settled with after several trials is Siteground web hosting. You should settle with them and save yourself some time and money that would go into shopping around.

Here Are The Requirements I Always Look Out For

1. Your servers have to be fast. Fast loading websites are Google's friends. They tend to rank higher in the search engines. You will be needing the free traffic/visitors.

2. Customer support has to be fast and top notch. You never can say when you will need them urgently.

3. Ease of use of platform. They run cPanel and Softacolous on their web servers.

3. Price: If I was in your shoes right now, I'd want to use an affordable web hosting company that render good services. For $3.95 a month you can host one website or $5.95 to host multiple websites.They are cheap compared to other web hosting companies and also the level of service they render.

4. Area of Focus of company: I'd rather host my website with a hosting company that has dedicated WordPress hosting services as that is what we are going to be building our website with.

Some companies offer the same hosting for HTML based website and WordPress based websites.

WordPress is a CMS (content management) platform. To get the best performance, you need to optimize your servers for it. SiteGround excels on this.

5. Technical Support: I know we all are not Tech guys, so we need them handy. SiteGround has in-house Tech. support ready for you 24/7 whenever you need them.

6. Customer Reviews: You want a web host that has been tested and stood the test of time by fellow bloggers and online people.

7. Email Features: Because email is indispensable in today's online business, you need to make sure that your hosting company will be providing you professional email services too.

8. Scalability and Growth rate: Because you have a tiny business/blog today does not mean it will not grow to a point it starts making thousands of dollars and driving millions of traffic (people visiting your blog) on a monthly basis. That's why you need a hosting company that understands this and is ready to grow with you.

At SiteGround's pricing page, you will notice that they do not offer one price fits all. It's one great service, but with smart allocation of server resources. That's a company that considers your growth!

9.Data centers and server up-time: Data centers are simply places where companies have their computers stored. These computers are responsible for serving you web pages when you browse a domain through your web browser.

You need to work with a company that has many of these data centres.

This is so because if something should happen to one data centre and it's going to be down/offline for a while, your website will still be available because they have made copies of your website in different data centres located in different parts of the world. SiteGround has a history of 99.99% uptime.

10. And the last but not the least on this list would be security. You need a company that will protect you from hackers and people who are looking for how to steal your private details.

These reasons mentioned above make me use and recommend Siteground Hosting.

How To Set Up WordPress on SiteGround Hosting

SiteGround has 1-Click WordPress Installation which makes installing WordPress a breeze like I will show you below.

Go to and click on WordPress services. Select WordPress hosting.

Select the plan you'd like to start with and click on continue. I've got a discount on the links to this web hosting from this guide. If you're visiting them from a link on this guide, I've negotiated a 60% discount for you and it will be applied on checkout automatically.

Next you'll get to choose your domain name.

Remember, make is simple to spell, easy to remember and try getting a .com version.

I don't really see myself running a blog on a .org domain. Be wise when selecting you domain TLD.

The next step after domain selection should be where you add personal account information.

After you're done with securing you account. You should get an email from the hosting company containing your hosting account details.

Login to your account and install WordPress like done in the video below.

Get 60% off site ground hosting

As a result of special negotiations with SiteGround Hosting. We have brought to you a deal of 60% OFF Siteground Hosting for One Year. Don't miss this deal.


Configure And Design Your Blog

Now that you've set-up your blog, let's continue and get familiar with the WordPress Dashboard.

Remember, will have to visit to login.

Now insert the user name and password sent to you by the hosting company after you got involved with premium hosting


After you login, you should see a screen link this:

Getting used to the dashboard:

Getting used to the dashboard: Below are some of the terms you'd come across on your WordPress blogging dashboard.

The Dashboard: gives you a summary of what's happening on your blog site at a glance. It gives you the recent activity about how many posts, comments, pages you have on your web blog.

Posts: This is the section that harbours all yours posts. You click here to add or edit a new post.

Media: is where you have your library of all media like pictures files, audio and videos.

Pages: is where you add custom pages on your web blog. Pages like thank you page, contact page, or some service you or your company renders.

Note: This is not a blog post. They are almost similar but with time you'll understand the difference.

Comments: section is the place where you manage all the comments you visitors leave after reading your blog posts. You should moderate you comments and approve them based on relevance to your blog post.

There are comment spammers out there some where on the web. Read comments and approve manually. Please don't automate this for now.

Appearance: This is where you control the look and feel of you blog. Here you can install themes and edit layouts.

Plugins: The plugin section is where you go to manage your plugins. You can install a new plugin or delete an existing one from this section of your web blog.

Remember, plug-ins are extensions for the main WordPress software you are running. It's endless what you can achieve with your WordPress web blog by installing plug-in extensions.

Settings: This is the section where you manage all your site basic settings like your admin email address, you tag line and your website's tittle.

Configure settings, plug-ins, set-up blog title and  install themes

In this section of configuring your blog, It is important that you get some these features right. Follow the video walk through below.

How to install a WordPress Theme

How to install Plugin on WordPress

10 Steps after installing WordPress

Also, you must agree with me, your website doesn’t look very pretty with the default theme that comes with WordPress.

Ok, lemme break it down. Let's compare it to a car. WordPress would be the engine and all the core parts, plug-ins would be the extensions and working parts while the theme is the body design and the beautiful paint.

There are so many beautiful free and premium themes available online today.

But I use ThriveThemes. Its a premium theme and cost close to a hundred bucks. It gives you so many features to turn your website into a marketing machine.

You don't need this right now in the early stages to be successful in business but it's a good investment to make if your budget permits it.

Visit this web page to see this WordPress theme, landing page and plugin at work.

You'd be amazed.

Changing Your Blog's Design

There are thousands of free themes online that can give you a wonderful presence online. Here is how you install a free WordPress theme from your dashboard.

Theme logo

Clicking on Themes would load up a page that looks like the one below. You will see existing themes on your WordPress install displayed below. But you have to click on “Add New” to see some more free themes you can choose from:

add new

After that, you click on featured, to show you the featured themes you can choose from. You can click on customize and view demo to get a sample view of what your blog will be looking like afterwards.

list of themes

Notice the filter option? You can filter themes by many options like color, layout and features. This gives you a little leverage to finging what you want your blog to look like.

When you've found something you like, click “Install”.

After installation is done, you just have to activate it and viola….

activate theme

How to use your blog - Start Blogging Online...

Video how to publish your first post

Promoting Your Blog

Please note that when I say traffic, I mean actual human beings visiting your website.

Free traffic

This is simply traffic that comes to you “free” or charge. Practically nothing in live is free so lets just say you are not paying with your cold cash. Maybe you pay with your time instead. You can generate these leads by your participation in online forums and social media networks.

Paid Traffic

This is when you pay some money for publicity to have a lead come your way from the web. Now there are so many types of paid traffic lead generation. Below are links to blog posts I have dug up for you to help you get started ASAP.

Just in-case you want detailed information and a step by step guide, here is a HOT product from the internet marketing inner circle that will show you how to master these skills in a few hours.

SEO Traffic

I like to call SEO free traffic. The truth about SEO is that it is actually free leads and visitors that Google sends your way. The difficult part is getting your website to rank high in search engines so that traffic would come your way.

One of the requirements for ranking high on the search engines is “having a fast website”. Does it all make sense now why I was hammering on the web hosting section of this guide?

OK… Getting ranked in search engines has many more rules your website will have to pass to rank , than just having a fast website. But it sure helps.

Do not be scared about the unknowns for now as I have you covered. You should be hearing more from me if you've already subscribed to the entrepreneur den inner community. If you haven't, subscribe now to get something awesome to help you grow your blog. (Insert Autoresponder link)

Making money with your blog

There are so many ways to make money online. Those are topics we will dive into with time. I don't want to get you overwhelmed with information.

For now, what you need to know are those methods that can help you start recovering some of you online investment.

Learn to call your spendings in growing your business “investments” which is actually what they are.

Don't forget, you have invested in buy a premium hosting account. That's if you've been following this course.

If you haven't signed up with a web host already, click here to sign up with the best affordable web hosting as of the time of writing this material.


Freelancing is one of the ways you can try to make money online. But the loop hole in this technique of making money online is that you'd have to know a skill you can sell.

Skills like copy writing, website design, coding, reading and recording text materials (voice overs), etc. The list continues. This was actually how I generated income online a few years ago.

I was an “online freelance writer and WordPress designer”.

I designed blogs and created blog posts for online business owners that are too busy to sit and write posts.

As much as I like this business model, I do not recommend it as a permanent business model.

Reasons: It requires you to work hard always in order to keep Benjamin’s coming. Unless you are a bit creative to build a good business reputation online and learn to outsource the work for a fraction of your charge.

I like it more when things are a bit automated. That leads us to the next business model.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is simply a process of selling someone else's product in order to earn money via commissions per sale.

This is a perfect strategy for a beginner like you. You don't have to create you own products to make money yet. You know how daunting the hassle of creating a product can be.

You can ride on the success of others and make money off their products while they take care of support and inventory.

Subscribe to this email newsletter if you haven’t already, to learn how to make money online with you website.

Help and support

Contact details for help

I have tried my possible best at this time to give you as much value as I can in this guide. This should see you through getting past this stage in your online marketing career.

By any chance you run into issues while setting up your WordPress blog online, please do not hesitate to contact me through the details below:

Name: Chinedu

Email: entrepreneurden (@)



Now that you have been armed with the necessary tools and knowledge to start your own blog, start blogging AWAY!

Please join our active community of passionate bloggers and ineternet entrepreneurs by putting your best email in the form below.​

You will be getting special tutorials like the one you just read. There will be plenty on how to grow your blog's audience and how to make money as a blogger. See you on the inside!

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